Friday, 11 November 2016

Make Traveling Easier With These Packing Ideas

Thinking about going out of town for a few days sounds exciting but packing can be stressful if you don’t plan it well. Nevertheless, you can make it a lot easier if you organize the items well while packing.

A few tips that can help in the process are illustrated as under.

Prevent pressed collar from getting ruined

You wouldn’t surely want de-wrinkling the ruined collar, which you pressed well before packing, using old shower technique upon unpacking. You can prevent this development of ugly wrinkles by folding a belt and placing it in the inner space of pressed collar. This belt will be more like a mold, disallowing any compression to affect the collar shape.

Putting shoes among the clothes

Covering the shoes in order to prevent shifting of dirt to the clothes needs you to use a well-organized approach. For that purpose, the best option is to use the shower tap to cover the shoes. That way, you can put the shoes with clothes without worrying about clothes getting dirty. Moreover, you can reduce the luggage weight by stuffing rolled socks in the shoes instead of using shoe trees. This socks technique will work ideally to avoid compression of shoes.

Garment bags for packing clothes

You get the garment bags every time you get the clothes dry-cleaned. It would be ideal if you start storing these garment bags for future packing needs. These bags ensure wrinkle-free folding of even your most sophisticated clothes. For now, when you haven’t saved these bags, you can go to nearby store that offers packaging supplies and purchase these garment bags.

Secure the liquid bottles

There may be a chance for the bottle caps to get loosened and liquid spilling on your clothes. You can avoid this scenario with a simple and very convenient technique. Get the plastic wrap and cut square pieces from it. Use one square to cover the open mouth of the bottle and then secure it with the bottle cap. That’s an extra layer of security that your clothes will get against toxic liquids.

Razor protection

The snagging of clothes can lead to the breakage of razor or, at worse, the cutting of clothes with razor blades. Although you can use razor caps but they are easily detachable. Hence, the cap can get off and no real protection will be there. The best thing you can do it to use binder clips to cover the blade part of the razor. Those clips hold the razor firmly.


Labeling is the best idea to let the handlers know that content inside can break if the bag is handled harshly. So, use the label ‘Fragile’ if you have put delicate items in the bag.

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